Happy birthday to me!

Something in the name of my 25th birthday!


“I think one of most important things you learn as you grow up is to not be fixed on age. Really that’s just a number. We feel so much pressure to achieve certain things by a certain age that we put all of those imaginary deadlines on our careers and love life. We are so opposed by “having our sh*t together” that we forget to live our life for what it is. It’s kind of shame really because we worry so much about the future that we forget to enjoy our youth. Who cares if you don’t have you shit sorted yet, go at your own pace and enjoy your own journey. Reality is, you don’t start living until you stop comparing your life to others and just do YOU.”

Life is now, so you better live it.

Never forget to live your life to the fullest. Work on yourself. And learn to love all of you. Learn to love all the good and bed decisions you made because they made you this beautiful. Appreciate every day you have left. Let them break you, but you break them to. Let them love you, but you love them to. Be scared, loved, hated, happy or sad, be everything you want, but just be you!


My cup of thoughts 💭

Published by Jovana Mitić

I'm a journalist and wannabe blogger! Eternal romantic. Sad storyteller‚ Song writer Social media menager Sales manager Actress Piano player

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